Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.


11:50 AM

It goes without saying that our police should be held accountable when they’re guilty of using excessive force. But, as a law-enforcement veteran myself, I’ve seen far too many people weighing in on the national conversation on police brutality who have no idea what cops deal with on a daily basis. So listen up: If

3:36 PM

Like most Facebook users around the world, I felt shocked and betrayed when news broke that millions of users’ data had been sold to a political data analysis firm. I decided to delete my Facebook account in light of this heinous breach of security, but found myself missing being able to easily interact with the


12:42 PM

When you give birth to a child and you hold that miraculous being in your arms for the first time, you can’t help but think what amazing things the future holds for them—joys, triumphs, jobs, relationships, everything. When I had my son, Kevin, it was my greatest ambition to see him succeed in every facet of life. But

2:41 PM

From electric cars to space travel to brain-computer interface technology, I am constantly expanding my portfolio to include big, forward-thinking ideas that I believe are worth investing in. That’s why when I first read ClickHole, I immediately envisioned the possibilities offered by their unwavering commitment to


12:49 PM

It’s no secret that Hollywood exaggerates and embellishes stories in order to make them more exciting, and I’m the first to enjoy a larger-than-life blockbuster. That being said, sometimes directors just go way too far stretching the truth in a way that makes you want to pull your hair out. I recently watched The

11:11 AM

As founder of Coinstar, I invented the machine for a single purpose. I envisioned a world where, with my advanced coin-sorting technology, people could come into a supermarket, place their coins in the machine, and just seconds later, walk away with either cash or credit. Coinstar technology is incredible, and it has


5:59 PM

Last night, Ram ran a commercial during the Super Bowl that featured audio of a Martin Luther King Jr. sermon overlaid onto footage of its trucks. While corporations are constantly pandering to viewers with empty imagery and over-the-top messaging, this ad was completely unforgivable. Ram’s cynical misuse of Dr.

11:25 AM

Raising a child is no easy task, and when it comes to children with developmental disabilities, parents face an additional set of challenges that others may not be fully aware of. Although educational resources give a glimpse into what life is like for parents of children with autism, they can only do so much: You’ll

1:07 PM

It’s an incredible experience to watch a child become inspired by the majesty and diversity of the wildlife on this planet. But human activity is also threatening to destroy a lot of those beautiful creatures that our children love to learn about, and now is the time for action. If we don’t protect endangered species,


4:15 PM

Tomorrow the FCC will vote on whether or not to repeal laws protecting net neutrality. The outcome of the vote could have profound consequences and change the internet forever. However, regardless of the result of tomorrow’s vote, my solemn promise to you, the American people, is that whether or not net neutrality is