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Time To Admit That The Best Character On ‘True Detective’ Is The Detectives

It’s now been 11 months since the season one finale of True Detective, and with season two right around the corner, I think we need to put an end to a longstanding debate about the first season once and for all. It’s finally time to admit that the best character on True Detective is The Detectives.

If you’ve seen even a single episode of True Detective, you’d know that there is no other choice. Of all the characters who appear throughout the show, The Detectives is certainly the standout character. The Detectives is brave and strong. The Detectives never backs down, even when The Detectives’ personal life flares up and distracts The Detectives from catching the killer. The Detectives approaches all things in life from a Detectives’ eye, including interpersonal conflict. This is, in part, why The Detectives is the best character.

Remember when The Detectives is in the car talking about how good nihilism is and also talking about how bad nihilism is? The Detectives was so good then. We also have the privilege of seeing The Detectives as a young Detectives and as an old Detectives. That is when The Detectives really shines, and really proves that he is the best character in a show jam-packed with great characters.

Of all the characters who appear throughout the show, The Detectives is certainly the standout character.

Need more proof? Look no further than episode four, where The Detectives is infiltrating a meth gang he used to run with and also fighting with his wife at the same exact time. Parts like this speak to the dynamism of The Detectives. That’s not even mentioning the fact that The Detectives solves the crime of the Yellow King all on his own, even when the police office say him to stop.

Here are my rankings of the characters on True Detective. You may disagree with me on some of the lower ones, but No. 1 is indisputable:

The Detectives

Sheriff Steve Geraci


Rust Cohle

The Yellow King

Season two of True Detective is coming sometime soon, and while I am sad about the casting changes, it’s comforting to know The Detectives is thankfully returning. I think The Detectives will be the best character again, but it’s up to the audience to decide whether or not The Detectives will have earned this title once more.