Honesty hour, guys: There are some aspects of my personality that are pretty embarrassing. Okay, really embarrassing. Like, I often roll out of bed and put on the same clothes I wore yesterday…and the day before that. I’m so obsessed with my cat that often I’ll just decide to stay home with him instead of going out. And, not even lying, even though I know sugary foods like chocolate and ice cream are “bad” for me, sometimes I’ll just pig out on them.

In short, I can be kind of weird and dorky. And if admitting that happens to showcase what a quirky, offbeat person I am, then so be it.


There’s no getting around it: When I write a blog post about how I’m a total nerd when it comes to the recent seasons of Doctor Who, or how the only music I ever want to listen to is old Whitney Houston karaoke jams, it’s naturally going to cause some people to view me as adorably idiosyncratic.

In short, I can be kind of weird and dorky.

If readers happen to see my eccentricities as relatable and endearing, then there’s nothing I can really say at this point to change their minds. I might as well keep talking about how I’ve been known to eat a whole sleeve of Oreos in one sitting, and how I can’t get enough reality TV even though I know it’s all junk.


Now, believe me, I know the risk I’m running. I realize that by putting myself down in public, talking about how I get tired really easily and calling myself “such a grandma,” I risk showing that I don’t take myself very seriously. But you know what? That’s a risk I’ve chosen to take. And if, by some improbable stroke of luck, that causes others to sympathize with me—perhaps to say “LOL me too” in response to my admission—then I’ll just have to live with that.

Because you know me. I’m too darn lazy to do anything about it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯