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Hey all,

Hope everyone’s having a nice holiday season.

I wanted to hop on for a second for two reasons. First off, to everyone who came out—to all the volunteers, to Takeru Kobayashi, and especially to everyone who stuck around to help clean up and break down the stage—thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I also wanted to say that I found a sweatshirt stashed behind a recycling bin, and no one’s reached out to claim it. It’s a plain heather gray American Apparel in a medium. Based on how soft the inner lining is, it seems pretty new. If you think it might be yours, I’ve set up a Google Form so you can claim it and help me get it back to you. There’s a name written in Sharpie on the tag; make sure you include that info so I know that it’s yours.

If the sweatshirt is yours and you accidentally took someone else’s home instead, don’t worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes. But do let me know on the form about the sweatshirt you grabbed so that I can help get it back to its owner. I’d hate for anyone to have to go chilly this winter.

That’s it from me for now. Thanks again, everyone!



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