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I Fear Trump’s War On Scientists Will Discourage A Generation From Usurping God

Under the Trump administration, the scientific community lives in fear. As our president crusades every day to censor researchers like myself, I fear for my job, my employees, and my funding. More than that, though, I fear for the future: I fear Trump’s war on scientists will discourage a generation of young Americans from usurping God.

Before Trump, chemists, physicists, and biologists were revered. But now, millions of children are watching the news, seeing them get disparaged by the president, and wondering whether or not they should devote their lives to finding and killing our Lord and Savior.

Unfortunately, the more our authoritarian president attacks the sciences, the more members of the next generation will hesitate to look up to heaven, develop a seething hatred for God, and someday attempt to knock Him off His almighty throne. While Trump’s war on intellectuals might not affect most citizens today, 30 to 40 years down the line, America could be a country where virtually zero people have the skills or the satanic training to outsmart the ruler of the universe, let alone kill Him.

And, let me tell you: God is licking his lips right now. Because every time Trump cuts funding for a university’s science program, thousands of students give up their dream to fight Him to the death. And every time Trump guts a research program, He gets more time to figure out how to defend Himself against them.

Truth be told, if I had been a kid growing up in a time when scientists were persecuted like they are today, I probably would have never gone to college or gone on to become one of the devil’s most trusted warriors. If Trump had been my president as a child, I surely would not have studied chemical physics nor ever traveled to hell and back so I could someday single-handedly usurp the deity I grew up worshipping—and that’s a sad thing to think about.

There are potentially millions of young Americans out there who could grow up to not just slay God but also replace him. And we are making our country a worse place if we don’t give them the chance to do that.

In times like these, I fear for the future of science. I fear for the future of our universities and our research labs. But most of all, I fear for our children, who, unless we stop Donald Trump, will end up being some of the most poorly educated kids in the world who are doomed to stay on Earth and never even think about dethroning his Holiness as an option.