I’m Tired Of People Whining On Facebook About How They’re Rapidly Expanding

Jared Gaff - Blogger

There is no shortage of annoying habits common to the many users of Facebook. We all know the social networking site serves as an outlet for people’s narcissism and as an avenue for grating self-promotion. Of all the insufferable things my Facebook friends do, though, there is one social media transgression that I hate most of all: when any one of my friends goes on Facebook to whine about how they’ve abruptly started expanding to incredible sizes at unimaginable speeds. Ugh.

We all have those friends who make these kinds of status updates all the time. The second their physical size begins quickly increasing, they’re on Facebook writing about it, acting like they’re the most interesting and important person in the world and behaving as if everyone needs to stop what they’re doing to think about them becoming gigantic.


Just look at this post one of my Facebook friends made a few days ago:

See what I mean? Just because your body starts to suddenly expand like a nightmarish balloon whose size knows no limit doesn’t mean you have to publicly declare it on social media. It’s a painfully transparent attempt to become the center of attention and to get people to say nice things to you. Nobody needs to know about every little detail in your life, and, frankly, you come off as wildly narcissistic and self-absorbed.

But as pathetic as it is when people complain about their sudden, inexplicable enlargement in order to get sympathy from their Facebook friends, it’s even more pathetic when their obvious ploy for attention gets no response at all.


Take a look at this status that one of my Facebook friends from college posted recently. Honestly, I can’t believe how sad this is:


As you can see, this post is a complete social train wreck. Only two likes and zero comments. Seriously, if you’re somebody who posts these kinds of statuses on Facebook every time you start rapidly becoming unbelievably gigantic for reasons that defy explanation, you need to stop. It’s annoying and selfish, and it has to end. Start making some changes, and Facebook can be a more enjoyable place for everyone.

Okay, rant over.


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