I recently purchased a Canon PowerShot G1 X digital camera after reading some positive reviews online. Overall, I’m very impressed, particularly with its ability to capture low-light shots in spite of the fairly small aperture range and the incredible clarity of some of the landscape photos I’ve taken.

I’d say the only issue I’ve run into so far is that I recently used my G1 X to take a picture of my son and he immediately disappeared forever. I really don’t understand what happened here. One moment I’m taking a photo of my son, the next moment he’s blinked out of existence entirely. His shadow is still there, but he’s completely gone. Is this a common issue for the G1 X? I’d really appreciate any assistance anyone on this thread might have so that I can get this issue resolved as soon as possible.


For the record, I was using my PowerShot G1 X with a DC70 lens hood. I’ve tried removing the lens hood and then reattaching it, but my son is still gone. I also checked my camera’s memory card, and it seemed fine, so I don’t think that’s what the problem is. I did have the flash off, so maybe that could be it? Has anyone else taken a digital photo of their son without the flash and then had him vanish right before their eyes, never to return?

Is this a common issue for the G1 X?

Also, I don’t know if this is somehow related, but three days after I took the picture, a strange old man appeared. In the picture, he’s standing right where my son was standing, but he is very clearly not my son. Is this a problem that is unique to Canon digital cameras, or do other brands like Nikon and Sony also do this sometimes?


I have to wonder—if Canon really wants to stay competitive with the other digital photography companies out there, can it really afford to be manufacturing cameras that erase people’s sons from the corporeal realm? When I purchase a high-end digital camera like the G1 X, I expect my son to continue existing, no matter how many times I take his picture. I suppose it’s entirely possible that my specific PowerShot G1 X is particularly defective, but if you ask me, even one son-erasing camera is too many.

Anyway, please let me know if anyone has any potential solutions to this issue. Would be nice to get the camera working. Thanks!