Hey all,

Hope everyone’s day is going well.

I just wanted to get on ClickHole.com real quick to see if anyone is epileptic. This is very important, so even if you’re someone who takes medication to keep it under control, please be sure to let me know.


I’ve set up a Google Form for you to fill out, which shouldn’t take more than a minute. It would be great if you could fill it out sooner rather than later, and also be sure to let me know what could potentially trigger an epileptic seizure by checking the appropriate box.

I know epilepsy can be difficult to diagnose, and maybe you’re unsure whether or not what you have is actually considered epilepsy. To be safe, just click “yes” if you’ve ever had epileptic symptoms. It’s always good to take extra precautions when it comes to things like this.

Well, that’s it on my end. Thanks, everyone!