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No One Is Actually That Tall

Cristina Anderson - Blogger

We’ve all been there: You see a tall person. Long legs, huge feet, everyone around them looks small by comparison—there’s no doubt in your mind that they’re tall. And not just tall in a regular sort of way; they’re very tall. So tall, in fact, that you mention it to all your friends. But here’s a question: Even though they seem tall, are they really as tall as you say?

Unfortunately, if you’re under the impression that someone is that tall, it’s time to think again. Because while someone might be tall, they are not actually that tall. No one is.


We all know how tall people can get, but at the end of the day, no one, not even the tallest person you know, is really that tall. It doesn’t matter how many people are shorter than you. The fact remains that zero people in the world are actually that tall.

Let’s just say, as a thought experiment, that someone were to actually be that tall. First off, in order to be that tall, this person would have to be taller than so many already incredibly tall things. Second, come on. Everyone stops growing before they get to be that tall! And third, that would be so tall that it wouldn’t even make sense. Can you imagine how tall this person would have to be?

…at the end of the day, no one, not even the tallest person you know, is really that tall.

To clarify, I am in no way trying to say that certain people can’t be tall. I know how tall the average person is. And I know the current record for the world’s tallest man. And while the argument can be made that many people are that tall, I’d say that the chances of someone really being that tall are actually slim to none.

If you believe someone is that tall, here are only some of the people they would have to be taller than: LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt, Yao Ming, Andre the Giant, and Manute Bol. All of those people are very tall, but, when taking everything into account, not even they are that tall.


The truth is, to be that tall, a person would have to be taller than a door, a bed frame, a ceiling, a tree, and a standard-issue basketball hoop. I truly can’t emphasize enough how tall those things are.

Bottom line: If you think someone is that tall, it’s time to face the facts. I have no doubt in my mind that whomever you’re thinking of is very tall. They may be taller than you, and they’re definitely taller than me—but that doesn’t make them as tall as you think. Because no one is that tall. And they never will be.


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