You’re walking down the street. People are passing you on your left and right, and as you look each one of them in the eye, I know what you’re probably thinking: “He’s Jewish. She’s Jewish. All of the people I see are Jewish.” But if you think that, you’re wrong. Because the fact is, only some people are Jewish.

There are 7 billion people in this world, and the truth is, not all 7 billion people on planet Earth are Jewish.

Yes, some people are Jewish, but some people are not Jewish. This might be strange to hear at first, and if it is, you need to know the truth. For every Jewish person you see in the world, there are at least two or three people who aren’t Jewish. If you believe every single person you see is Jewish, that’s you projecting your own thoughts onto a large group of people—a large group of people that, I would remind you, is not entirely Jewish.

Take me, for instance. People might look at me and think I’m Jewish. They might look at me and think I have Jewish parents. They might look at me and think I have Jewish grandparents. To those people, I say: Not everyone is Jewish. Only some. Not all.

Yes, some people are Jewish, but some people are not Jewish.

Still don’t believe me? Here are some people who are not Jewish: Emma Watson, Beyoncé, former president Jimmy Carter, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Jong-un, and Shaquille O’Neal.


And don’t get me wrong, some people are Jewish. Barbra Streisand, Natalie Portman, Adam Sandler, and Steven Spielberg, for example. But these people are not everyone. Not even close.

If people took the time to think and said, “Some people must not be Jewish,” they’d be right. If they said, “Some people must definitely be Jewish,” they would also be totally accurate. But most people don’t bother to think about issues like this. They’re perfectly comfortable living their lives with tunnel vision. And that’s where the real problem lies.

Sadly, I used to be like this. I used to live my life believing that 100 percent of people are Jewish. So, if you find yourself walking down the street, thinking to yourself, “Is everyone Jewish?” I hope that, someday, you may know the answer.