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When’s Everyone Free?

Hey all,

Hope everyone is well.

I just wanted to hop on real quick to get a sense of everyone’s availability. Right now we’re trying to find a Saturday or Sunday in October that works for everyone, but that could change depending on people’s schedules and the weather. Anyway, here‘s what we’re looking at right now:

Saturday, 10/10
Sunday, 10/11
Saturday, 10/17
Sunday, 10/18
Saturday, 10/24
Sunday, 10/25

I’ve made a Google Form, so if you could take a minute to fill that out by the end of today, I’d really appreciate it. In order to make this easier, please select all the dates that you would be available. And by that, I mean ALL the dates you would be available, not just your first choice.

Again, these dates aren’t set in stone, but please try to make something work if you think you can. If something comes up and you’re no longer available for one of the dates you selected, please let me know ASAP. Not promising I can accommodate everyone’s schedule, but I’ll do my best.

All right, that’s all. Thanks, everyone!