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With All The Salt We Use To Melt Snow, We Could Give Every American A Fistful Of Salt

Every winter, the United States government dispatches an army of snowplows to de-ice the roads with millions of pounds of salt. To some people, this might just seem like the way that things are supposed to be. We’ve always spread salt on the roads, so why stop now? It makes total sense until you realize that with all the salt that we use to melt the snow, we could give every American citizen their very own fistful of salt.

Just think about it. Every day it snows, we’re scattering the salt on the streets when we could be giving it to Americans to hold in their hands. We could be walking right up to the front door of every single honest, hardworking American citizen and slamming a fistful of salt right into their waiting palm.

We have to face the fact that our country has a salt problem. When a snowplow scatters thousands of pounds of salt to melt the ice on Wall Street, it means that thousands of children all over our nation are being deprived of a healthy fistful of salt. They’ll never get to clutch that salt in their fists or wave that salt around in front of their rivals in order to make their rivals jealous.

…we will never be truly great, truly just, or truly free until everyone has a fistful of salt.

It’s enough to make your stomach turn.

Consider this: Every year, the United States uses about 19 million tons of salt to de-ice its roads. If we took all of that salt and handed every American a fistful of it, there would still be enough salt left over to completely bury every single American citizen in a mountain of salt! This beautiful future is not some lofty fairy tale; it’s a reality that can be achieved within our lifetime. It’s a simple matter of reevaluating how we’re distributing our plentiful resources. We could fill every fist in America with salt if we would just stop dumping so much of it onto the frozen pavement.

Americans like to think that they live in the greatest nation on Earth; the most just nation on Earth; the freest nation on Earth. But we will never be truly great, truly just, or truly free until everyone has a fistful of salt. No one can deny that it’s a wonderful feeling to clutch salt, and an even better feeling to hold the salt up in the air and listen to your rivals bellow with jealous rage when they see that you have the salt.

We can create a future where every American gets to experience that wonderful feeling. We just have to find the strength to get the salt off of our roads and into the fists of American citizens.