Remember the ’90s? Because it sure seems like a lot of you do. Between nostalgic blog articles, blockbuster versions of old Saturday morning cartoons, and heck, even the possibility of a Full House revival, it looks like we’re in the middle of a real ’90s nostalgia renaissance. Funny, though, you’d think that might mean a little bump in the record sales for your ol’ pals Fastball.

You remember Fastball, don’tcha? The hit singles from our sophomore album All The Pain Money Can Buy were everywhere from late 1998 to early 1999. Fun, catchy, and easy to sing along to! From “The Way” to “Out Of My Head,” there a was a Fastball song for everyone who loved infectious alternative pop. Why, with the way ’90s hits seem to be popping up everywhere these days, you’d think that would mean a little taste for the Fastball boys, right?


“They made up their mind, and they started packing…” Tell me your brain didn’t just complete the rest of that lyric. You remember “The Way,” right? “Fire Escape”? Fastball remembers. How many weeks was that the No. 1 video on TRL? Four? Five? If you do the math, the teenaged millennials who made that their song of the summer are now twenty- and thirtysomethings with a lot of purchasing power. Shouldn’t their good buddies Fastball be swimming in iTunes residuals by now?

You remember Fastball, don’tcha?

Having a ’90s party? Why aren’t you adding old, reliable Fastball to your Spotify playlist? Making a listicle about the most underrated acts to come out of Austin’s alternative boom? Wouldn’t you know it, us fellas in Fastball have an official, ad-supported YouTube channel. Looking for a nostalgia-tinged ukulele cover to go viral with? You’d have to be “Out Of Your Head” to pass up Fastball!


Yessiree, if you ask ol’ Fastball, there’s plenty of ’90s nostalgia to go around. It’s a downright shock we haven’t popped up on The Tonight Show yet, maybe singing “The Way” with Jimmy Fallon and some of those newer Muppets. That could be pretty cool.

Hey—remember looking up the lyrics to “The Way” on AOL and discovering that they were inspired by a news article about runaway Alzheimer’s patients? You’d think a tidbit like that would be a perfect fit for one of those talking head VH1 shows about the most memorable moments from the ’90s. Your chums Fastball could even come down to the studio and talk about it, maybe play the song in its entirety!


We’d make the time.